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It is important for prospective parents to learn about our school from the personal experiences of those who are currently at our school.


At Wood Street we aim to provide a fully inclusive school where all children, parents and carers feel valued and listened to.  Every year we send home a questionnaire for parents/carers to complete, so that we can continue to provide an outstanding provision for all.  We also ask the children for their views. 


With permission, below are some comments we would like to share.



"Being a smaller school allows the school to create a community among the children, parents and teachers, which I don't believe bigger schools can do as well." (Parent)


"Wood Street Infants is a hidden gem.  I am torn between shouting from the rooftops how wonderful it is, and keeping it a fantastic secret!"


"We love the school, the small friendly feel, the style of teaching and how happy our daughter is.  The amount of occasions afforded to the children to leave the classroom and explore outside is incredible.  For a nervous mum sending her eldest off to school this year - I couldn't have asked for more in how well she has been supported in her development." (Parent)


"Wood Street is a lovely community school where everyone is made to feel welcome and included.  Having this "family" feel is a great start for a child's school journey and should not be underestimated." (Parent)


"Amazing results in reading, writing and maths - much higher than the Surrey and National Average" (Parent)


"I love that the children can grow food and use it in cooking.  I also love that it is a small school and the staff get to know all the children" (Parent)


"We are very happy with the discipline, educational standards, behavioural patterns, the classmates, very good cleanliness and the food provided.  The teachers and staff are polite, courteous and helpful.  Teachers teach well.  We are very happy with the school." (Parent)


"* The size of the school * The Parent Community * Teacher's Enthusiasm  * Communication  * Termly themes  * Educational visits  * Additional Workshops." (Parent)


" Small community feel * In school violin lessons * Frequent school trips  * Safe environment  * SEN Support  * Workshops and extra curricular activities "  (Parent)


"The number of school trips (one per half term) is incredible to boost the children's learning in a more practical way.  I love the number of workshops that come in and provide hands-on learning, they are all good and highly valued.  Class Dojo is good and very useful for parents to stay in touch and learn what their children are learning in class, to help support at home." (Parent)


"I would love Wood Street to be a Primary School!" (Parent)


"The fact that the children and staff all know one another so it feels friendly and welcoming." (Parent)


Children's Comments:

"I love Wood Street because we have won awards from bronze to silver and then silver to gold for outside learning.  I love Wood Street so much because at the end of each year we do an assembly of what we have learnt.  I love Wood Street so much because we have lots of friendships and more."  


"Wood Street Infant School is the best school ever because Miss Potter taught us to learn and we have had lots of school trips."


"I like Wood Street School because we get to go on lots of fun school trips.  My favourite school trip was Lego Land."


"We get ducklings or chicks in Year R."


"The teachers are so kind."


"You get a very fun three years at Wood Street Infant School."


"We have learnt lots of things so when we grow up we will know hundreds of things."


"I love swimming and going on school trips."


"I love the look of the classrooms and I like the schools' lunches and I like the lessons."


"I have enjoyed writing books because I love drawing and writing."


"I like Wood Street because of the outside learning."