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Outdoor Learning

At Wood Street School, we believe that all children have the right to experience the unique and special nature of being outdoors. We further believe that it is important to enable children to use the outside environment as a context for learning.  We provide many opportunities for children to enrich and enhance the learning through the use of Outdoor education and Off-Site Educational Visits. This encompasses visits to museums, churches, theatres, parks, woodland areas, local learning area etc.


At Wood Street we are passionate about learning outdoors because we feel educational visits and outdoor education:

  • Brings learning alive

  • Enhances enriches and extends learning

  • Provides practical first hand experiences

  • Encourages controlled risk taking

  • Takes children out of their comfort zone, gives them a sense of something different and fosters awe and wonder      

  • Increases concentration and engagement which impacts positively on learning

  • Provides opportunities to follow new interests

  • Develops positive relationships

  • Provides inclusive opportunities