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National Curriculum

The National Curriculum, taught to all pupils in state or maintained schools, is made up of blocks of years known as key stages.  Year 1 and Year 2 are known as Key Stage 1 (KS1).  The following compulsory subjects are taught in KS1.


 English (Literacy)

 Mathematics (Numeracy)  Geography
 Science  Art and Design
 Design Technology  Music
Computing  Physical Education


Schools also have to teach Religious Education and are advised to teach personal, social and health education and citizenship.  Where appropriate, some curriculum subjects are combined and taught through a ‘Topic’ or ‘Themed’ approach.  This enables children to link knowledge and acquire skills through first hand experience of practical activities.

Wood Street Infant School teaches the new National Curriculum but how we teach it is unique to the school. We have added ‘colour’ to the new curriculum in the following ways:

  • Values based curriculum and assemblies

  • Interventions to significantly accelerate progress for all groups of children

  • Grow, Cook, Eat initiative

  • Weekly cooking for every class

  • The school environment is designed to be calm and natural with amazing resources for the children

  • We have many visitors into school to enrich the curriculum e.g. theatre groups

  • Curriculum days and trails for parents

  • New skills days

  • Woodland school (base camp on the common)

  • Shared, sustained, thinking in EYFS ( child based enquiry learning)

  • Continued provision in Year 1 to aid transition form EYFS

  • Creative curriculum