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Early Years Foundation Stage

'Teaching in reception is stimulating and leads to children learning extremely well.  Adults lose no opportunity to develop children's skills.' Ofsted 2015

Our early years environment has three main areas inside which are divided into special learning bays for  particular areas of the curriculum. There is also a delightful bespoke outdoor learning environment with opportunities for building, problem solving, investigation, music and gardening set among  beautiful plants and shrubs. Our early years class has a teacher and two full time teaching assistants to support the learning for our 30 children. This high ratio of staff means that the children have  the advantage of  working in small groups offering much  guidance and support for learning. At Wood Street we believe that speaking and particularly listening to children is the essence of a quality early years curriculum. 


Throughout the day children will experience a balance of activities, directed and supported by the early years team, as well as self chosen activities in the challenging and stimulating environment. The role of the team is that of support and guidance; we also believe it is important for the team to be seen as researchers of learning alongside the children. In this way, through this quality interaction, children learn to be independent, excited and enthusiastic thinkers with enquiry and exploration at the heart of learning.  


The early years team carefully listen, observe and document children’s learning in progress which is an important tool in the learning process. The curriculum is then guided by children’s interests which motivates and excites children, bringing learning to life.  


The EYFS Curriculum begins at birth and carries on until the end of the Reception year. It covers three prime areas of learning and four specific areas which are taught through the prime areas.  


More information provided by the government can be found here.