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Parent Guidance

There are many ways in which you can support your child at home.  As part of our home school agreement we ask that you read regularly with your child and support them with set home learning tasks. Below are some further suggestions, ideas and advice linked to our school curriculum.



School Values 

Our school is a happy place that has children at heart and in mind in all that we do. We strive to offer the richest learning experiences where everyone achieves more than they thought possible, within a caring, dynamic and appreciative ethos.  Our school values are at the heart of our curriculum and there are many ways that this can also be supported at home.  


Here are a few ideas linked to our school values to try at home: 

  • Play board games or table top games where there is a winner this will help develop resilience and turn taking 
  • Talk about how you show respect, there are some brilliant stories to aid with this

  • Talk about manners and why they are important 
  • Take responsibility by helping to tidying up, set the table or do simple house hold chores 
  • Encourage independence - getting dressed, organising school things and laying the table

Phonics and Reading 

Phonics plays an important part in children's progression in reading.  For guidance more information can be found here.  


Why not try: 

  • Adding sound dots to words paying attention to the digraphs in words (two letter sounds such as ai, and ee)

  • Practise reading and spelling high frequency words - you could use magnetic letters, write in chalk or use foam letters in the bath 
  • Make up and read psuedo words (silly or nonsense words) we like to name aliens after them or play games
  • Talk about reading with your child, make predictions about what might happen next, talk about the characters, the problem in the story and make inferences from the text and pictures. (Click the image below for more ideas) 



There are so many real life experiences that can be linked to maths; setting the table, going to the shops, playing games and even watching TV! 


Why not try some of these ideas at home: 

  • Count, count, count! Count pebbles, leaves, cars, doors, look at door numbers, car registrations - talk about numbers asking one more or one less, add ten, is it odd or even? 
  • Practise mental maths skills such as counting in 2's, 5's and 10's, number facts to 10 and 20 
  • Look at maths story books - this is Mrs Willoughby's favourite 

  • Go to the shops and use money, look at their value and shape, start to count groups of the same coins counting in 2's, 5's and 10's to start 
  • Talk about time - What time is it now? What time do we go to school? What time do we get home? The TV show is 30 minutes long when will it finish? 
  • Look at digital and analogue clocks and make them part of your day to day life 


E-safety - In the rapidly changing, digital world that we live it is vital to be open and have a constant dialogue with your child about internet safety. Guidance to support this can be found here