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Agreement for Pupils

Our School Rules

  1. Listen to each other

  2. Be helpful and caring

  3. Kind hands and feet

  4. Try your best

  5. Look after our school and everything in it

  6. Move around school sensibly


I will do my best to:

  • Follow the school rules


  • Come to school regularly and be on time


  • Work hard and listen to instructions


  • Be polite and helpful to adults and other children


  • Wear my school uniform and remember to bring the equipment I need

Agreement for Parents/Carers
To help my child at school, I will do my best to:

Make sure my child arrives in school on time and is collected on time 
Make sure that my child attends school regularly and I will inform the school of the reason for any absence 
Support the school in maintaining good behaviour and discipline
Support my child with homework and home learning opportunities such as listening to my child read or supporting research work
Attend parent consultation evenings
Ensure that my child wears the school colours and follows the school dress code
Let you know if there are any problems that may affect my child’s ability to learn