Parent Information

Mission Statement : Love  Life and Learning
Our school is a happy place that has children at heart and in mind in all that we do. We strive to offer the richest learning experiences where everyone achieves more than they thought possible, within a caring, dynamic and appreciative ethos.
School Aims
              • Respect for children and childhood
              • Parents are valued,  respected, well informed and involved
              • Everyone has  high expectations and a positive image of every child as strong, competent and capable
              • Reciprocal relationships between children and adults
              • Every child feels happy, safe and cared for
              • An innovative and creative approach to learning and teaching  with an emphasis on developing children’s thinking 
              • An orderly and stimulating environment that has a significant impact on children’s learning
              • Learn outdoors and experience the natural environment
              • Everyone counts and feels success
              • Build a caring learning community of children and adults