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Sheep Shearing - June 2011

posted 18 Jun 2011, 06:18 by Lorna Slater   [ updated 18 Jun 2011, 06:41 ]
Following on from the visit to Merrist Wood Farm in April, we had the 
pleasure of welcoming some of the farm team to our school.  They
brought with them three sheep and three of their lambs.  The 
children were amazed to see how much they had grown since their 
visit in April.  We had an experienced sheep shearer show each 
class how a sheep is shorn, and the fleece which it produces.  
The children were captivated.  

Following the sheep shearing, we are fortunate to have a member of the West Guildford Guild of Spinners and Weavers coming to the school next week. She will show the children how the fleece is spun into wool to then go on to make clothes.  The full cycle.  

Photos of the weaving to follow.