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School Council

Welcome to the school council page here the school council will keep you up to date with what they have been talking about in their meetings and what their plans are for the school.  All classes in the school nominate then vote for their school council representatives.  The children voted in represent each class for the year.  Their job is to listen to the ideas or their class mates and feed this back during school council meetings.  They then to work together on projects and ideas in order to develop the school.


17th June

posted 22 Jun 2016, 00:01 by Charlotte Chapman   [ updated 22 Jun 2016, 00:01 ]

The school council met today in the library.  They talked about the Family Literacy Trail which will take place on Thursday 23rd June.  They went online and selected some Pirate story books for the event.

Lets hope that they arrive on time!

Sugar Swap

posted 29 Jan 2016, 00:28 by Charlotte Chapman   [ updated 29 Jan 2016, 00:29 ]

This week the school councillors helped Mrs Doyle with a special assembly about the importance of swapping sugar for a healthier option.  The children had great ideas about what was unhealthy and why:

'Cola is unhealthy' Megan
'Crisps contain salt' Juul
'Ice cream has lots of sugar' Evie

Mrs Doyle and the school councillors showed the children a safe amount of sugar to eat:

7 Year Olds - 6 spoons of sugar
4 - 5 Year Olds - 5 spoons of sugar

They then talked about how much sugar were in different treats that they may have.

Check out the sugar swap app available to download here.

Sugar Swap

If you can not see the photos above please click here to see the album.

September 2014

posted 7 Sep 2014, 10:41 by Charlotte Chapman   [ updated 7 Sep 2014, 10:42 ]

Our new school council members will be elected this week.  Keep checking back to see who our new class representatives are and what their plans are for this year at Wood Street School.

13th June 2014

posted 13 Jun 2014, 06:17 by Charlotte Chapman

We met today to count up our money from the summer fair and talk about how we can raise money for our sponsored child 'Mary'. 

 We discussed who 'Mary' is and why we have decided to sponsor her.  We came up with the following ideas for how we can raise money to send to her and her family:


  • Second hand toy sale
  • Car boot sale
  • Having an art gallery of our work to sell to parents
  • Bake sale
  • Each class to have their own shop

We have now decided to go back to our classes to gain their ideas too.

We counted up the money we made from the school council stall at the summer fair.  After week took out the cost for printing the books we made a profit of £45.70!  


We still have a few more cook books left in the office - please pop along and buy one in support of the purchase of IPads for our school.  


21st May 2014

posted 13 Jun 2014, 06:12 by Charlotte Chapman

The school council stall was fantastic!  The children really enjoyed working together to sell our produce as well as our fantastic cooking books.  We will be meeting after half term to work out how much money we have made to go towards the IPads.

7th May 2014

posted 7 May 2014, 03:45 by Charlotte Chapman   [ updated 7 May 2014, 03:46 ]

Today we have talked about our cookery book.  We have decided to make signs and posters to promote our books so that we can raise lot's of money towards our tablets or I Pads.  We are going to go back to our classes and tell our friends and teachers all about the cooking book. 

2nd May 2014

posted 2 May 2014, 11:29 by Charlotte Chapman

This week we have been working hard to get recipes, photos and drawings together for our school recipe book.  We are very much looking forward to it arriving from the printers next week.
Do make sure you come along to the school summer fair and pick up your copy.  It is full of wonderful tried and tested recipes (by us in school) and the money raised will go towards buying IPads/tablets for the school.  We will also be providing free samples and a sneak peek recipe from chef Ben Piette (master chef finalist) who came to visit us earlier in the year. 

25th March 2014

posted 31 Mar 2014, 08:29 by Charlotte Chapman   [ updated 31 Mar 2014, 08:29 ]

We had a look at our voting results this week to find out which animals each class would like to adopt.

Willow class – Meerkat

Chestnut Class – Tiger

Oak Class – Leopard


We look forward to receiving the information in the post to share with the rest of the school in assembly.

18th March 2014

posted 31 Mar 2014, 08:28 by Charlotte Chapman   [ updated 31 Mar 2014, 08:28 ]

This week we had a very quick meeting to research the animals we could adopt at Marwell zoo.  We used Google to find out which animals were available then made a voting sheet for each class.  We took these back to our own classes so that they could vote for the animal which they would like to adopt.

14th March 2014

posted 31 Mar 2014, 08:27 by Charlotte Chapman   [ updated 31 Mar 2014, 08:27 ]

Today we got together to write our section for the school newsletter – have a look too see what we wrote:


Request from the School Council

We are the school council, our job is to make the school a better place for us to learn.  We listen to our friends’ ideas and talk about them in our school council meetings.  We are working on making a recipe book.  We are going to be selling them at the May Fair to raise money for the school.  If you would like to give us ideas for your favourite recipes to go in our book please give them to Mrs Walters in the office. 

Thank you
Olivia, Bailey, Zara S, Rayden, Daisy, Grazvydas

We also had another chat about endangered animals and decided it would be a great idea for each class to adopt an animal.  Mrs Willoughby suggested Marwell Zoo as Chestnut class will be visiting there soon.

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