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Register of Business Interests


Name of Organisation 

 Nature of Business

Nature of Interest  

 Date Declared

 John Beynon None Declared  None Declared  None Declared  February 2015
 Bonita Holland None Declared  None Declared  None Declared  September 2014
 Danielle Hope None Declared  Upholstering and freelance human resources and administrative work  None Declared  September 2014
 Catherine Miller Wood Street Infant School, Surrey County Council  School- Headteacher Employee September 2014
 Kelvin Richardson None Declared  EngineeringSpouse employed by Surrey County Council  September 2014
 Alastair Slater CGI IT UK Ltd Account Management Spouse is employed at Wood Street Infant School  February 2015
 Charlotte Willoughby  Wood Street Infant School, Surrey County Council  School - Teacher Employee September 2014
 Nikki Pease    
 Peter Sutcliffe