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This area of the website will be regularly updated with a brief update from main Governing body meetings and sub-committee meetings.

Autumn 2016

posted 4 Nov 2016, 00:35 by Charlotte Chapman   [ updated 9 Nov 2017, 00:43 ]

Welcome to our latest Governors’ Blog where we provide an update about what the Governors have been doing to help continuously improve our wonderful school. 

We welcome our new Headteacher, Jan Washer, who we are all looking forward to working with in the coming months.  Recruiting a Headteacher is the single most important role that a school governor performs and our Ofsted rating of “outstanding” shows that we have a good track record in this role.   With the assistance of two local authority advisors, governors led the recruitment panel, which subjected Mrs Washer to six difficult assessment tasks that represented a small sample of the duties that a Headteacher has to perform.  Throughout the day she was under constant scrutiny with assessments provided by staff, governors and the children of the school council.   

 The role of school Governors has been in the news recently under the debates about the pros and cons of moving to Academy status. Academies are not required to have parent governors in place, unlike community schools (such as Wood Street). More recently the Government has backed off from enforcing all good and outstanding schools to become Academies which we feel is good news for our school. The Governors will continue to monitor the Government policy on this and debate any changes that are going to affect us.

 In the summer term of the last academic year we covered a number of key areas in our Full Governing Body (FGB) meeting. The purpose of the termly FGB is to ensure that the school is doing its best for the children and providing value for money for you, the taxpayer.  We review progress against the school’s development plan, and the Head provides a termly update on educational data and trends across the school. It is always interesting for the Governors to hear these reports, especially the detail of all the additional activities that the school arranges for the children, such as the woodland school, school visits, sporting and musical activities.

We also reviewed the skills of the Governors and noted any gaps that needed to be addressed through training opportunities. It is important that we ensure Governors have a wide range of relevant experience and knowledge, and stay on top of developments and changes in the education system. This way we can ensure we are properly informed as a group to be able to understand and independently scrutinise what is going on in the school.

At our first meeting of the new academic year Governors confirmed the adoption of our new governor Sarah Kennedy, who will join the board of Governors later this term.

Autumn 2015

posted 26 Jan 2016, 23:44 by Charlotte Chapman   [ updated 9 Nov 2017, 00:44 ]

Welcome to the Governors’ Blog in which we summarise the activities that we have conducted for the school.

This term we welcomed our new parent governors, Nikki Pease and Peter Sutcliffe, who are eligible to serve on the governing body for four years.   However, we still have a vacancy for another governor.  Other than parent governors, who are elected entirely by elections from parents at the school, other governors are co-opted onto the governing body to bring skills that will complement those of the existing governors.  When Nikki and Pete joined us, we reviewed their existing skills and those that we need before looking to fill the final vacancy.  We are still looking for a suitable person.

A key objective for the autumn term was for governors to reaffirm our commitment to provide a safe school for the children in our care.  We did this by everyone signing that we had read and understood the latest issue of the Government’s statutory guidance on Keeping Children Safe in Education.

At each governors meeting there is a mix of regular items that are scrutinised every term and those that are performed once a year or perhaps once every two years on a rolling programme.  The main items that we do every term include scrutiny of the Head Teacher’s report to governors and a review of both sub-committee’s minutes.  The purpose is for governors to ensure that the school is doing its best for the children and providing value for money for you, the tax-payer.  We partly achieve this by reviewing progress against the school’s development plan, the latest one of which was produced last year with the help of children and parents.

The items that we perform once a year or perhaps once every two years include the reviewing and updating, if necessary, of school policies.  Many of the policies and other the data that we review, such as how we spend the additional support funding for children, is published for your benefit elsewhere on the school website.

There are other tasks that governors only perform infrequently.  One such task is to review how the school is managed and leaders recruited.  This was a task that we also conducted in the autumn term.

As a post-script to this term’s blog, are very happy note that local Parish Councillor, Mrs Sandra Morgan was honoured with an MBE in HM Queen’s New Years Honours list for 2015 for serving her community for over 50 years.  We congratulate her in this award especially as she served as a Governor at this school for (we think) over 20 years, including many years as and Chair of governors.

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