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Committees and Attendance

Below are tables detailing governing body members  past and present as well as their term of office.  Attendance at committee and full governing body meetings can be seen at the link displayed below. 



 Term of Office Start Date

Term of Office End Date  

 Kelvin Richardson  Local Authority 27/10/1226/10/16 
 Bonita Holland  Co-opted 01/03/1428/02/18 
 Danielle Hope Co-opted 01/03/14 28/02/18
 Charlotte Willoughby Staff  01/12/14 30/11/18
 Catherine Miller Head Teacher 01/09/14 n/a
 Alastair Slater Parent 30/01/15 29/01/19
 John Beynon Co-opted 05/02/15 04/02/19
 Marc Hendriks Co-opted 01/03/14 14/12/14
 Ian Farnell Parent 09/10/13 07/07/15
 Jo Hepworth  Parent 23/10/14 11/05/15
 Jennifer Payne Staff  01/12/1030/11/14 
 Nikki Pease Parent29/09/15 28/09/19
 Peter Sutcliffe  Parent29/09/1528/09/19 
 Yola Wilkins  Clerk 01/09/12 n/a